Ayahuasca & San Pedro Healing Retreats in Cusco, Peru

So you want to come to Peru to experience the incredible healing power of Ayahuasca?

There are so many options out there and we wouldn’t dare say that our retreat is better than any other, but we do strive to create an experience for you that is truly special, safe, uniquely memorable, and hopefully, absolutely life-changing.

Our collective of healers specialise in creating the opportunity and safe space for people to expand their consciousness by working with this powerful medicine. Our facilitators and Shamans spend time working one-on-one with guests to fully understand their suffering. We help set intentions for healing both in the body and psyche, which are, of course, connected. We endeavour to do this with respect for the sacred plant medicines Ayahuasca, the Vine of Death and San Pedro, (also known Wachuma) the Heart Medicine.

At Spirit Plant Journeys, we embrace the people and traditions of Peru. Because of our belief in sustainability, we foster strong working relationships with local service providers. We approach this work with a deep respect for the individual’s path toward healing and foster mutual understanding of those who join us on this spiritual journey. Read the testimonies page and discover how our guests are not just clients, but a part of our extended family around the world.

It is amazing to think that the knowledge and wisdom of the sacred plant medicines can be reached safely and with such ease! Learn about our Ayahuasca retreat below, and please use the contact form if you have any questions about us or the way we work.

Our Shamanic Retreat

Our 10 day Ayahuasaca retreat offers one San Pedro ceremony and four Ayahuasca ceremonies. The all-inclusive retreat includes modern accommodations, guided tours of Sacred Valley sites, yoga, messages, all food while at the retreat center.

Our Shamans have decades experience working with these powerful medicines. Our intention is to provide the necessary tools, mediums and environment to trigger healing and allow real inner work to happen. Our facilitators are multi-lingual, attentive, and there to support and guide you through your journey.

Find out everything you need to know before embarking on your journey. Learn how to prepare for an Ayahuasca ceremony, the best ways to travel to Peru, and more details about your stay.

Testimonials from Past Spirit Plant Journeys Guests

Jose-Luis Perez

Dearest Sarah and Neils,

There are things in our lives that are so beneficial and magic that we would love to have them again and again or for ever, the experience I’ve had in your wonderful and blissful retreat has no words to describe the magnificence, warmth, inspirational and loving energetic power to last me for rest of my life, though I am very sure this will not be the end of my visits. I am collecting information from people I know that are in need of this type of experience to have a happy and healthy life, I will be a promoter of your “heavenly” retreat and hopefully I will have the chance to be there again, I also have the intention of collecting future visitors that will medicinally benefit from the humble and most amassing and powerful loving “Sharman” Gumersindo.

Thank you very much for the chance of meeting you in your paradise, needles to say that the affection, love, care and warmth given to us by Nancy and the caring members of her team, are blissfully enchanting and rear to encounter.

Much love to you all and thank you for the unforgettable time in your “heaven”.

Jose-Luis Perez74 years, Australia
Fabian Fitzgerald

Here is a little story about my Spirit Plant Journey. It’s about faith and two worlds.

One world I discovered here; the mysterious world of Peru’s ancient culture and spiritual reverence. The other, the one I came from, is the increasingly bizarre world of a western economic system that has very little reverence for anything else. As to faith, the first requires faith in traditional Amazonian plant medicine, a practice that is mostly rejected out of hand by the medical establishment, and the other for faith in a never ending parade of officially credentialed “experts” who continuously contradict each other and then insist that only what they say can be trusted.

So… who would you trust with your life?

I was recently diagnosed with ALS, a disease which has a rather bleak prognosis and for which, according to western medicine, there is no treatment, much less cure. So I really had nothing to lose by putting my faith in Amazonian plant medicine. But, as it turned out, my faith, plus the faith of my darling wife and the handful of other fellow travellers who also came and shared in the experience, was rewarded in the most profound and enlightening way. I felt it then and I am still feeling it now. To follow that up I will also soon be undertaking a course of our ayahuasca shaman Gumersindu’s Amazonian plant remedy back home that he has prepared especially for me and after which he said I would be “fine” (translation from the Spanish). I can’t wait and I am, of course, greatly looking forward to reporting on my progress.

The tireless work and warmth of our Spirit Plant Journeys hosts, Neils and Sarah, as well as Gumersindu’s ancient plant wisdom, provided a welcoming, loving and supportive, but most importantly, life-changing experience. I found answers during my stay at Las Chullpas to questions about these two worlds that confirmed why my faith in the world I come from was, not surprisingly, so challenged now.

I also want to thank Nancy and her wonderful Las Chullpas staff for providing such a magical location and making our stay so comfortable.

If there’s only one thing I could communicate about Spirit Plant Journeys it is that I would urge anyone who has profound questions about life or problems that seem to have no solutions to try it too – and the sooner the better. There is another world that’s right here, right now, and I believe it could cure much, much more than just my illness.

Fabian Fitzgerald.

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.

Fabian Fitzgerald55, Melbourne
Brandon Iannuzzi

I have just returned from quite the epic adventure with Neils and Sara from Spiritplant Journeys. Landing in Peru I was unsure what to expect; but was blown away from the start.

Spiritplant Journeys facilitates an itinerary packed with exploration of the self and the environment around you. We were treated to treks through the wonders of Peru, amazing food and accommodations, and oh yes, the magic of the medicine.

Ayahuasca is in itself an observation of the unseen. The real treat, however, is its coupling with the San Pedro cactus, whose legend began in the same Sacred Valley in which you will be staying. The combination of feminine and masculine plants enables you to have a complex and complete exploration of your relationship with existence. This coupling is incredibly important and is what really separates Spiritplant Journeys from the rest!

We love Neils and Sara for the absolute care they took of us, and their unwavering love.

Just go-you will never regret it!

Brandon Iannuzzi32, Canada