Healing and understanding is not something that can be measured or planned. It is a path to walk, a prayer to hold, and a vision to dream. It is about creating community and together, digging deeply, to unravel the layers of reality to which we subscribe in order for us to experience our own resonant and personal truth while also fostering the healing of others, each on our own unique path.

Therefore, at Spirit Plant Journeys we endeavor to stay away from “rules” in the way we work. Instead, we take an intuitive approach with respect and integrity for each individual. Every person’s stories, beliefs, rituals, intentions and personal psyche is respected. Our personal approach has much to do with laughter and much singing. Between ceremonies and our explorations of the Sacred Valley, we tend to soul through sharing the simple things with one another: delicious and nurturing meals, hikes in nature, campfire sing-alongs and irreverent senses of humor. Approaching the work with humility and curiosity is our signature here. We also aim to leave space for the ancestral connection.

We have no hierarchy in relationships between facilitators, shamans, and guests. We believe we are all on our own unique path of understanding and healing and that we have so much to offer one another in that process. Healing and understanding are not things we charge for, but rather that which we strive to give to abundantly. We charge money to cover our costs in running our retreat. But healing is a profound mystery and happens as a result. It is something that takes place. Our intention is to provide the necessary tools, mediums, and environment to trigger that outcome, and ultimately, allow real inner work to happen.

Our ayahuasca retreat offers both an introduction for people to start their relationship with the medicine in a safe setting, as well as an opportunity for others to continue their intention or work with the medicine. We believe that if one is willing to take the inner vision quest that the medicine provides, one discovers one gets exactly what is needed: a perfect agreement between the medicine and your soul at exactly the most perfect time. We delight in being able to share and create this opportunity for you to cultivate your own experience with the medicine.



Our Intentions

  • We aspire to provide an experience of creative and spiritual growth.
  • We endevour to create a space of openess, tolerance and freedom in a context of support and sharing.
  • We aim to provide a sutainable experience in which all involved can benefit.
  • We rufuse to continue the global trend of profiteering at the expense of others and thus we are adamantly fair trade.
  • We open our arms to people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and belief systems.

The Shaman


Gumercindo is the Shaman who leads the Ayahuasca ceremonies on our retreats.

Gumercindo comes from a long line of traditional shamans of the Ucayali River in the Peruvian Amazon. ‘Gume’ carries a wonderful energy and conducts a powerful ceremony carried out in the traditional way as of his ancestors.

Gume has devoted his life to healing through the ancient knowledge and shamanic rituals of the Amazon. He comes from the lineage of ‘Paleros’ which means he has dieted intensely many strong tree medicines. He drank Ayahuasca for the first time when he was 12 years of age and has been carried out his apprenticeship with his father, mother and grandfather for 15 years. His knowledge of natural Amazonic plant remedies is extremely vast. When he is not in the Sacred Valley he resides with his family on his land located on a tributary of the Ucayali River. Gume is well travelled having working in many parts of Peru and has even visited India to attend a shamanic conference in 2010.

During his ceremony he sings icaros (healing songs) accompanied by his Shacapa and carries out individual healing work.

We are very lucky to work with Gumercindo, a shaman of great integrity with an unwavering energy of love and light.

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Bernhard is our Huachumero and guides San Pedro (Huachuma) Ceremonies.

Bernhard has a broad understanding of thought processes and patterns. He is intuitive and has the ability to help people to look at situations from a different perspective, helping them to see through the layers of their thought and belief structures and guiding them to connect with their own truth.

Bernhard engages with people in a direct, yet gentle manner, guiding them to identify and let go of limiting beliefs, to step into their own being and empower them to return to their hearts.

Bernhard has a good understanding of depression, having suffered from this illness for over 10 years. He shares the wisdom and teachings that he has learned from his own healing experiences and uses this as the foundation for his work.

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We are so proud to present to you our brand new retreat venue “Petra”. It is truly one of the most beautiful retreat sites in the Sacred Valley. The staggering views of Pitisuray continue to leave us in awe and wonder. The 5 cottages that make up our accomodations are brand new and beautifully designed with all of the comforts of home.

This is the perfect setting for our 10 day Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreat acting as a solid foundation for the powerful plant medicine work that will take place during your stay. Spiritually the mountains hold stern and powerful space and support us while the tranquility of this wonderful area in the Sacred Valley named Huaran allows us to find a quietude that settles deep into our beings.